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Our FACTORY History 1989

For almost 30 years, we have constantly been setting new standards in the field of health, fitness, and wellness with innovative, practice-oriented products for the highest demands. From tension-free sleeping, healthy sitting and moving to relax sports products, efficient hot-cold, top products in yoga and portable therapy – we offer a comprehensive product range for a wide variety of target groups. CLESIGN GROUP WORLD.The

New Standard in CLESIGN
Each of CLESIGN The Mat Pro is made of high-quality material, making sure each mat is a piece of art.

About Us


Technical Leather(CLESIGN Patent)

The top surface material of CLESIGN The Mat Pro is Multifunctional Synthetic Vegan Leather barrier layer is a major innovation that is exclusive to CLESIGN

More than ten million air holes are covered on the surface of each CLESIGN mat pro.

These air holes provide THE MAT PRO & LIFE MAT with good air permeability, strong friction force and strong sweat absorption and perspiration.

COCO-MAT series is more innovative with the addition of coconut shell fiber.


ECO polyester blend mix carbon fiber

The second layer of CLESIGN The Mat Pro is an ECO polyester blend mix carbon fiber.This provides antibacterial ingredients and strong durability for yoga mats.

What’s special is it can absorb water, which is another safe function.

This could avoid slippage due to surface buildup.Instead, The water-absorbing function can extreme nonslip surface of the yoga mat, which is good news for sweaty yoga lovers.


ECO polyester blend mix carbon fiber

The 3rd layer is Friendly Non-Woven Fabric, great thing about it is that are breathable, quick-dry, non-toxic, nonirritant, anti-bacteria, antic-chemical and so on.It can also volatilize the absorbed water very fast and keep the mat dry.

It's waterproof so it wicks moisture away and stops it from getting down into the uncleanable rubber base layer.


Own rubber plantation research and development

The last layer of CLESIGN The Mat Pro adopts the most advanced technology that is made by the best natural rubber in the Philippines.It is why The Mat Pro is very durable, and even experiments have shown that it can be used for more than 5 years under a good preservation environment, the duration of use is more than twice that of the general yoga mat.